You need a doctor’s note - and a lot of guts - to enter this Tennessee haunted house

This haunted house requires a lot more than just being brave.

McKamey Manor, with locations in Tennessee and Alabama, is a haunted house that is tailored to each guest’s fears to give everyone who goes in a unique scare, according to the website.

And it’s apparently so terrifying that participants have to check off a long list of requirements before going in.

The requirements listed on the website are:

Being at least 21 years old or 18-20 years old with a parent’s approval

Completion of a sports physical and doctor’s note proving you’re “physically and mentally cleared”

Passing a background check

A screening on Facebook, FaceTime or over the phone

Proof you have medical insurance

Signing a 40-page waiver

Passing a drug test that day

And if the fact that you need a doctor’s approval isn’t enough to scare you off, the experience comes with quite a few warnings, too.

Guests are told not to wear expensive clothes or bring anything that can’t get wet, the website says.

Water is a “common fear people share,” Russ McKamey, who runs McKamey Manor, told WFLA.

Potential guests are also warned that the house can be “an aggressive experience” and that actors are allowed to come in contact with them, according to the website.

However, guests are not allowed to “return the contact,” push, shove or run, and anyone who does will be removed immediately, the website says.

They’re also not allowed to have been drinking alcohol before, the website says.

But maybe the hardest rule to follow is no cursing.

If participants curse while inside the house, McKamey deducts money from the $20,000 prize he told WFLA he’ll give anyone who completes the tour.

“More of an inside little joke — that the manor is the most extreme haunt in the world but there’s no cussing involved,” he told the TV station.

Despite the $20,000 prize for completing the tour, no one has done so, according to WFLA.

Not only does the tour confront participants with perhaps their worst nightmares, but it can last up to 10 hours, according to the website.

“Each guest will be mentally and physically challenged until you reach your personal breaking point,” the site says.

Guests who do reach that breaking point can quit at any point but must say, “You really don’t want to do this,” according to WFLA.

And the website says the experience called “Desolation” is the most intense yet.

If you’re still brave enough to try out the haunted house, you can reach out to McKamey on the website to request a reservation.

The haunted house offers one tour a week, year-round, according to the website.

The only cost is a bag of dog food for McKamey’s five dogs, according to WFLA.

“You will be tested to your very core. If things become too much, you can always quit...if we let you...,” the site says.

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