Creepy clowns in this town have to face the Caped Crusader

A British costume company has dispatched the Caped Crusader to the streets to “battle” creepy clowns.
A British costume company has dispatched the Caped Crusader to the streets to “battle” creepy clowns. Facebook

Did they send up a bat signal?

The creepy clown craze sweeping the United States in recent weeks is also scaring people in Britain, where police in many towns are dealing with reports of people dressing up as clowns to intimidate people.

Whitehaven is one of those towns. But now a certain caped crusader has appeared on the scene to fend off the creeps that are causing nightmares for some of the town’s children.

Batman has arrived.

Residents who saw him on the streets photographed him and posted his photo and reports of his activities on social media.

The Telegraph and other media outlets report that Batman was dispatched by the local Cumbria Superheroes costume company.

“We heard a lot of reports of kids being scared and not wanting to go to sleep, and Batman is what a lot of kids look up to,” a company rep told BBC Cumbria.

“So we thought it was only in our duty to try and prove to the little ones that it is safe and Batman is out there looking for these clowns.”

The store hired one of its workers to dress up as the Dark Knight and patrol the streets of Whitehaven to make children, and adults, feel safe. He’s not a vigilante, the store assured residents. He’s there to spread peace of mind.

In a video on the store’s website, Batman assures the town’s children that he’s got their back against the clowns.

“To all the little kids that’s been scared and affected by these clowns, you don’t need to worry anymore. Batman’s taking care of it,” he says.

“And as for you clowns, if you want to scare someone, why don’t you try to scare me?”

So far it looks like the town’s children appreciate having the Dark Knight on their side.

British authorities are just as frustrated as American law enforcement officials by the clown sightings. According to the BBC, one police force alone dealt with 14 clown-related incidents in 24 hours.

Scotland Yard expects the pranks to get worse as Halloween approaches.

News that Batman is on the case is giving great comfort to social media.