'Trust me,' teen in clown makeup told boyfriend during sex. Then the knife came out

Zoe Adams
Zoe Adams Cumbria Constabulary

Zoe Adams, 19, and her 17-year-old on-and-off boyfriend were in bed together after a night of smoking pot and drinking in Wigton, United Kingdom, when she asked him to put a pillow over his face to “make it more kinky,” police say.

“Trust me, “ Adams said. Then she pulled out a 10-inch kitchen knife and stabbed him five times, reported Cumbria police.

Adams, who knew her boyfriend had a fear of clowns, wore clown makeup during the attack, according to The Sun. She had earlier asked to tie him to the bed but he refused.

A British court sentenced Adams, a mother of one child, to 11 ½ years in prison Wednesday in the stabbing, which left her boyfriend with injuries to his chest, arm, thigh and hand.

He told police that he could feel his lung “pop and squirt” after the stabbing, which caused a collapsed lung, reported BBC News. The 17-year-old managed to flee her home and seek help from a neighbor. He survived his life-threatening injuries after emergency surgery.

Adams, who was arrested at the scene, accepted that she had caused the injuries but told police she had blacked out during the attack and had no memory of it, Cumbria police said.

Her boyfriend told police Adams had a “fascination” for “gruesome murder videos” and had earlier sent him a message describing a human sacrifice, reported the BBC. But Adams denied an interest in sexual violence to police.

Images saved on her iPhone include a photo of a blood-soaked woman captioned “Murder is like a bag of chips: You can’t stop after just one,” reported The Telegraph.