Great white shark rattles diving cage in video. Diver calls it ‘a beautiful moment’

Some might expect a 17-foot great white shark attacking a diving cage to be terrifying, but Nancy Lasuzzo says she had “no fear” during the experience caught on a Facebook video.

“It was a beautiful moment I will love forever,” Lasuzzo later wrote on Facebook.

The encounter took place Oct. 12 on an Islander Charters Inc. trip off Guadalupe Island, in the Pacific Ocean west of Baja California, according to the company’s Facebook post.

In the video, the 17-foot great white shark — named “Bullet” by the charter company — approaches the shark cage containing Lasuzzo and two other women.

“She immediately got our attention, as her size was so much greater than the sharks we had seen the last day and a half,” Lasuzzo wrote in a Facebook review of Islander Charters Inc.

In the video, the shark then begins biting a float atop the cage, thrashing about and shaking the cage.

“This shark was not looking to harm anyone in any way,” Lasuzzo wrote on Facebook. “She was annoyed by a camera. That is what triggered her.”

Lasuzzo wrote that she felt “a peaceful calm like I’ve never felt before.”

“When she started to ‘play’ with the float on the cage, there was surprisingly no fear from any of us,” Lasuzzo wrote in her review. “We were in awe and amazed at the power she had.”

After the shark departs, the video pans to a diver in the cage, who pumps her fist excitedly. Lasuzzo wrote in her review that her calm was replaced by “a major adrenaline rush, joyful cheering, dancing, high-fives, and more!”

The shark left behind a chipped tooth, Islander Charters Inc. wrote on Facebook. “Not to worry, she’s got hundreds to spare!” the post reads.

In one of her Facebook posts about the experience, Lasuzzo decries headlines reporting the encounter as “terrifying” and “savage.”

“Nothing in my life will ever compare to this amazing moment,” Lasuzzo wrote on Facebook. “I respect them 100%, and hope humans will continue to be their voice to help protect them.”

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