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Donald Trump says he’d like to punch DNC speakers

Democrats are targeting Donald Trump in their convention speeches, and the Republican presidential nominee is getting tired of it.

He says he wanted to “hit” some of them “so hard their heads would spin.”

Trump isn’t identifying any of them. But he tells a crowd in Iowa that one certain speaker – Trump describes him as “a little guy” who he used to work with – particularly bothered him.

Might that be former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg? He had some dealings with Trump – a New York real estate developer – as the city’s leader.

By the way, Bloomberg is listed as 5-foot-8.

Trump earlier Thursday said “a lot of lies are being told” about him in the speeches at the Democratic National Convention this week.

The Republican presidential nominee joked about it during a campaign rally in Davenport, Iowa.

“Boy, I’m getting hit” by Democrats – he says. “I guess they have to do their thing.”

Trump also criticized Democrats for not talking about terrorism or laying out a plan to aid the economy.

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