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Hillary Clinton’s top advisers claimed Jerry Brown’s support – as far back as 2014

Gov. Jerry Brown gestures during a recent community event in Sacramento.
Gov. Jerry Brown gestures during a recent community event in Sacramento. AP

Amid unbridled, yet ultimately misplaced speculation that Gov. Jerry Brown might consider another run for the White House, top Hillary Clinton advisers talked about the Democratic governor privately offering early assistance, according to hacked correspondence released by Wikileaks Thursday.

Minyon Moore, one of Clinton’s closest aides, wrote in a November 2014 email to other Clinton confidants that Brown, who sought the presidency in 1976, 1980 and 1992, “wants folks to privately know he is ready to go when she is.”

“If she runs, he’s ready to help,” Moore wrote to insiders Cheryl Mills and Capricia Penavic Marshall.

Early the next day, Mills forwarded the email about Brown to John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, including the acronym fysa – for your situational awareness.

Despite Moore’s optimism, Brown didn’t endorse until May 31, 2016, about a week before the California primary.

It’s unclear whether the illegally obtained discussion among Clinton advisers accurately reflected the governor’s position at the time. A Brown spokesman said Thursday that he didn’t want to weigh in.

If Brown had wanted to relay a message to Clinton, he would not have had trouble. His executive secretary, Nancy McFadden, spent eight years as a senior member of Bill Clinton’s presidential administration.

Brown and the Clintons have maintained a sometimes-rocky relationship in the years since they feuded during the 1992 presidential race. In May, as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders competed ahead of the Democratic primary in California, Brown, who had yet to endorse in the race, met with Bill Clinton for about 90 minutes in Sacramento.

A week later, Brown issued an open letter to California Democrats and independent voters endorsing Hillary Clinton, casting her as the “only path forward to win the presidency and stop the dangerous candidacy of Donald Trump.”

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