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Who is funding the effort to legalize marijuana in California?

Eight campaign committees and roughly 800 itemized contributions later, one thing is clear about the effort to pass Proposition 64, the measure on Tuesday’s ballot that would legalize recreational marijuana: Its flow of money has been really complicated.

Money has gone to, and through, eight different accounts. The most generous donor is billionaire businessman Sean Parker, who has given about $6 million directly to the main Yes on 64 campaign, $1.5 million more through other committees, and another $1.5 million to different accounts.

Another big source of money has been the Fund for Policy Reform, which has given $6.1 million to a campaign arm that in turn has given to other pro-Proposition 64 committees. Other donors have clear ties to the issue and could profit immensely from a legal marijuana marketplace.

To try to explain things, the map below connects the leading individuals, businesses, non-profits and campaign committees involved in passing Proposition 64. Click on a name to find out more about it. Zoom in and out of the map using the controls on the upper right.

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