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VIDEO: Gavin Newsom, political ‘bridesmaid’

Gavin Newsom, political 'bridesmaid'

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Pity the lieutenant governor – always on stage, never the main event.

Last year, given the final, minor speaking spot of the afternoon at the California Democratic Party’s annual convention, Gavin Newsom said it was “good to see all four of you” in the crowd.

On Saturday, a more visible spot, but right before a keynote that wasn’t him.

“I know my status right now,” Newsom said in Anaheim. “You’re cheering because you know it means you are one step closer to the main attraction, Elizabeth Warren. See, lieutenant governors know how to be good bridesmaids, so I’m very comfortable in this position.”

Warren, a U.S. senator from Massachusetts and champion of the Democratic Party’s liberal wing, delivered a familiar excoriation of corporate influence in Washington.

“Washington works great if you can afford to hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers,” she said. “But Washington is not working for California families, and it’s not working for America’s families, and we’re here to change that.”

Newsom is a progressive Democrat, too. He lamented the imbalance between the rich and poor in California, a state with the highest poverty rate in the nation when adjusted for the cost of living.

“The California dream is predicated on upward mobility,” Newsom said. “This is our generational call to action.”

He kept his remarks brief. Newsom is running for governor in 2018, and he said, “We’re going to have plenty of time to talk over the next few years.”