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Realtors have back-up plan for Prop. 5 + Climate summit takeaways

Jerry Brown announces that California will launch its own satellite

During brief remarks at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco on Sept. 14, 2018, California Gov. Jerry Brown announced that the state will launch its own satellite to help combat climate change.
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During brief remarks at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco on Sept. 14, 2018, California Gov. Jerry Brown announced that the state will launch its own satellite to help combat climate change.


Election season may be gearing up, but the California Association of Realtors is already drafting plans in case voters this November oppose Proposition 5 — a ballot measure giving a property tax break to existing homeowners over 55 buying a home.

The real estate trade association has not put a dime into the cause since March. Before then, it spent more than $4 million to get on the ballot. While Alex Creel, the Realtors group’s senior vice president for governmental affairs, insisted the association’s issues coalition will soon be putting money into the campaign, he noted the group is also floating the idea of a 2020 initiative and a move in the Legislature in case the measure fails.

“We know it’s a big lift, so we are planning for other alternatives as well,” Creel said.

According to the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office, Proposition 5 would be costly to governments, and is opposed by the California Teachers association, among others. The official voter information guide notes that “schools and other local governments each probably would lose over $100 million in annual property tax revenue in the first few years, growing over time to about $1 billion per year.”


It was a busy week in San Francisco, as Gov. Jerry Brown led the charge for California’s continued resistance of the Trump administration’s environmental policies. From Wednesday to Friday, leaders from around the world gathered for the Global Climate Action Summit.

While there were many highlights from the conference, here are a couple you should familiarize yourself with:

  • At the conference, Brown called President Donald Trump a “liar, criminal, fool—pick your choice.” As he cruised on a hybrid ferry, he signed more than a dozen environmental bills with the goal of boosting California’s electric vehicle industry.
  • A couple years ago, Brown said California may “launch its own damn satellite” to defy federal climate change policies. On Friday, he unveiled a new state initiative to develop a satellite to better monitor climate pollutants and strengthen global efforts to combat climate change.


Assemblyman David Chiu (@DavidChiu) — “Feels appropriate given @JerryBrownGov’s announcement at #GCAS02018 today…”


How can you stay informed this election season? Influencers have plenty to say.

“Especially in evaluating incumbents, I offer advice to resist an inclination just to clean house and toss out everyone. The vast majority of those in public office work hard and mean well. It is facile, and dangerous, to skip the work of evaluating how each has done. Ask if you have heard from your elected representative; has she or he been accessible; has your representative explained her or his positions on a website? Keep a good representative rather than just swimming with the tide. Voters who use an election to “send a message” end up with less able officeholders.”

Tom Campbell, Professor of Law and Professor of Economics, Chapman University

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The Bee’s Editorial Board endorses a rent control ballot measure, urging voters to vote “Yes’ on Proposition 10.

Antonia Hernandez, president and CEO of the California Community Foundation, says California’s housing crisis threatens the state’s entire economy.

Maria Salinas, president and CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, worries companies in the housing market may choose not to grow or consider leaving California entirely.

Assemblyman Ken Cooley, D-Rancho Cordova, wants Gov. Jerry Brown to sign Assembly Bill 2083, which he says will help counties better serve children in foster care.

David Fisher, a second-grade teacher and president of the Sacramento City Teachers Association, believes the Sacramento Unified School District has a poor track record of providing accurate budget forecasts.

Chad Hanson, a forest and fire ecologist with the John Muir Project and a national director of the Sierra Club, accuses the Trump administration of misleading the public through its assertions that California forests are overly dense.


Jack Ohman on Sen. Ted Cruz warning that Democrats want to turn Texas into California.

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