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Cox really wants to discuss affordability + Morse, McClintock get testy

Democrat Jessica Morse debates GOP Rep. Tom McClintock at Mariposa High School on Sept. 23. The Fourth Congressional District is the highest profile of Sacramento-area U.S. House races.
Democrat Jessica Morse debates GOP Rep. Tom McClintock at Mariposa High School on Sept. 23. The Fourth Congressional District is the highest profile of Sacramento-area U.S. House races.


Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox is very concerned about the cost of living in California. He’s made affordability a central campaign issue, and hit that message hard throughout Monday’s debate with Democrat Gavin Newsom.

More specifically, he mentioned the words “afford” and “affordability” 13 times, persistently deflecting talk of guns and climate change raised by the moderator.

When pressed by Newsom on his support for the National Rifle Association, he immediately retreated to his happy place.

“We’re talking about guns, we’re talking about all these other social issues, but I’m not running to change one iota. I am not,” Cox said. “I am running to make sure that people in this state have an affordable life, they have schools that are not failing, they have available water, affordable water, affordable electricity.

“All these other things are being done to occupy time and, you know, really not address the issues that we ought to be addressing.”

Housing costs are near the top of the list of priorities among likely California voters, according to a recent poll from the Public Policy Institute of California. It’s no question it’s all Cox wants to talk about.

For what it’s worth, Newsom also discussed affordability, using the words “affordable” and “affordability” on four occasions.


Debates are naturally contentious. It’s just the way things are. Candidates trade barbs, critique their opponents and crack a sporadic joke once in a while.

At a debate Monday in Sacramento with Rep. Tom McClintock, the Republican incumbent running in U.S. House District 4, Democratic challenger Jessica Morse held nothing back. The two have a history of testy exchanges, but one moment from Monday was memorable.

When McClintock critiqued Morse’s past comments of “living a vagabond life,” he also took aim at a controversy involving her being denied a “national security consultant” ballot designation. Morse was quick with a comeback: “We’ll get you a sense of humor after we send you home.”


Secretary of State Alex Padilla holds a news briefing at 11 a.m. in his Sacramento office to discuss how California is working to protect the state from cybersecurity threats. Officials from the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and the California Highway Patrol will be there, too. Amid Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential elections, California recently invested $134 million to safeguard the state’s election systems.


Nathan Click (@Click_CA) — “This is insane. Watch all the way through. @TheRealJohnHCox literally fleeing press -- with staff body blocking @cmarinucci and others as he was leaving #CaGovDebate.”


Did Jerry Brown make the right decisions on #metoo bills? Influencers have plenty to say.

“Governor Brown has signed 8 and vetoed 5 bills on the subject of harassment. I think most of us can agree that many of these bills were brought to the forefront due to the the emotionally charged #MeToo movement. While it appears that some of these bills may certainly have merit, there are also unintended consequences. I don’t agree with his decision on banning secret settlements. This takes away a tool from both the accuser and the employer to resolve a sensitive issue in a manner acceptable to both parties. Gov. Brown sited an arbitration ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court as his reason for veto of this bill. He believes that states must follow the Federal Arbitration Act. This is a bill that I believe would have unintended consequences that could add additional exposure to litigation.”

— Linda Ackerman, President, Marian Bergeson Excellence in Public Service Series

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The Bee’s Editorial Board believes voters should re-elect three Democratic incumbents to Congress and support Democratic challenger Jessica Morse over Republican incumbent Rep. Tom McClintock.

The Ed Board also endorses Sarah Aquino, Kerri Howell and Mike Kozlowski for Folsom City Council.

Steve White, president of the California Association of Realtors, thinks Proposition 5 would make property taxes fairer and unlock the state’s housing market.

Gary Passmore, president of the Congress of California Seniors, believes Proposition 5 would do nothing to ease the state’s housing crisis.

Jacqueline Martinez Garcel, CEO of the Latino Community Foundation, and Arturo Vargas, CEO of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund, think the 2020 Census needs to be rescued.


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