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Katie Porter v. Mimi Walters + Avoid election misinformation + Becerra recall?


Democrats are working to flip seats in traditionally GOP-safe Orange County, including the Irvine-based 45th CD held by Rep. Mimi Walters. The county’s Republican Party chair, Fred Whitaker, said last week that the idea Democrat Katie Porter will make the 45th a tight race “is mostly made up by the media.”

But early indicators suggest there are plenty of reasons for Republicans to be concerned. Porter’s campaign has raised $5.2 million, as of Oct. 17, while Walters has received just over $3 million — 39 percent of which has come from individual donors.

Walters votes in line with Trump’s position 99 percent of the time, according to FiveThirtyEight, and going into the election, she is messaging to Trump loyalists.

“If the Republicans lose the majority in the House, we will go back to the Obama-era ways: High government regulation and higher taxes,” Walters said in an interview with The Sacramento Bee before speaking at an anti-gas tax rally last week. “We don’t want that to happen, and we’re not going to let it happen.”

One encouraging sign for Walters is her successful electoral track record. In 2016, she won the district by over 17 percentage points, even though Hillary Clinton won by 5 percent.

Porter was unavailable for comment.

District Lines: Southern Orange County

Bottom Line: Credible public opinion polling is limited, but shows the race is neck and neck. The most recent poll, which came from the GOP-leaning Public Opinion Strategies, had Porter down by 4 percentage points — still within the margin of error. Though it has been a historic Republican stronghold, it is widely considered a toss-up, though Sabato’s Crystal Ball classifies the race as Democratic-leaning.


Ahead of next Tuesday’s election, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla is launching a campaign to combat online efforts to deceive prospective voters. A new web portal has been launched to consolidate information on voter resources — including polling place locations, ways to report misinformation and details on how to check your registration status.


Proponents of Proposition 6 calling for the repeal of the latest gas tax increases, are now pushing for the repeal of an elected official. Frustrated that the ballot does not explicitly say “gas tax repeal” in the ballot measure’s title, Yes on 6 Chairman Carl DeMaio announced Monday he plans to seek a recall of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra if Proposition 6 fails. Roger Salazar, a spokesman for Becerra’s re-election campaign, replied with a brief statement: “We don’t respond to publicity stunts.”


James Valentine — “CALIFORNIANS: Please vote NO on prop 6. We need a these funds to improve public transit, and we need to continue to move away from fossil fuels.”


What’s at stake in the upcoming midterms? Influencers have plenty to say.

“The most important election results are the outcomes of the U.S Senate and U.S. House races. That is because for the first time in my life I see an unhinged and dangerous president who governs by fear, prejudice and greed. We know that President Lincoln talked about appealing to “the better angels of our nature” while Trump appeals to hatred. A check and balance is sorely needed in the Congress.”

— Barbara Boxer, United States Senator (1993-2017)

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Angelique Ashby, who represents District 1 on the Sacramento City Council and Rick Jennings, who represents District 7 on the Sacramento City Council, want people to vote “yes” on Measure U.

Craig Powell, president of Eye on Sacramento, wants people to vote “no” on Measure U.


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