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Trump v. California lawsuits + Steyer for president?


California and President Donald Trump continue to clash over a number of issues. According to the latest numbers from the Attorney General’s Office, the state has 44 active lawsuits against the Trump administration.

Most of them are about environmental or immigration policies policies. California’s resistance to the Trump’s policies have cost taxpayers millions of dollars. For the 2017-2018 fiscal year ending June 30, California spent $9.2 million.

Democratic AG Xavier Becerra said the costs of suing the administration have already been recouped with victories in court. He said he’s not trying to resist Trump. Rather, he’s trying to protect the state.

“We’ve gone at it with the Trump administration because we’re protecting our rights as a sovereign state,” Becerra said.


Billionaire Democratic activist Tom Steyer refused to answer many questions about a possible 2020 presidential candidacy. But he told The Bee in a wide-ranging interview last week he’s not ruling out a bid.

On whether he’s considering a run, Steyer replied, “I have not ruled it out. I’m trying to figure out what will be the most impactful thing.”

“I understand that I have to make up my mind explicitly and tell people, and I will,” Steyer added.

He declined to talk about his timeline for making a final decision. In order not to run, he said he’d need to start hearing a “degree of urgency and understanding” from other Democratic candidates. He said there are plenty of Democrats he respects, and he expects several dozen to run.

“I think the list of people who aren’t running is shorter than the list of people who are running,” Steyer joked.


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