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Kardashian visits the Capitol + Newsom’s surfing buddy + DMV $

Kim Kardashian West came to the California Capitol on Monday to lobby on behalf of a bill to restore voting rights to convicted felons.
Kim Kardashian West came to the California Capitol on Monday to lobby on behalf of a bill to restore voting rights to convicted felons. Assemblyman Todd Gloria Twitter account


Kim Kardashian caught many people by surprise on Monday when she visited the Capitol to talk with lawmakers about ways to improve the state’s criminal justice system.

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, introduced a constitutional amendment earlier in the day that would restore voting rights for about 48,000 Californians on parole for felony convictions. McCarty said Kardahsian embraced the effort and also wants more to be done to assist women in prison. Assemblyman Jim Cooper, D-Elk Grove, said on Twitter she was there “to learn more about recidivism issues.”

The celebrity posed with several lawmakers on the Assembly floor in the afternoon but did not go across the hall to greet senators. Several photos of her appearance circulated on social media. Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, D-Los Angeles, tweeted out a photo of the two sitting at a table for what appeared to be a private meeting.

“I had the opportunity to discuss criminal justice reform with Kim Kardashian today at the State Capitol and look forward to continuing conversations,” he tweeted.

Kardashian visited the Capitol at the suggestion of Scott Budnick, founder of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. A spokesman for the group said she met with lawmakers from both parties. She also connected with survivors of the Borderline Shooting, the November attack at a Thousand Oaks bar in which a former Marine killed 11 people. The Assembly on Monday adjourned in memory of the victims.

Senate leader Toni Atkins of San Diego also met with Kardashian in her office to talk about the criminal justice system. Atkins thanked her using her “considerable voice to make positive change.”

Sadly, this reporter was too slow to keep up with the Kardashian.


Gov. Gavin Newsom appointed Nathan Fletcher to the California Air Resources Board on Monday. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors member and former assemblyman tweeted an old photo of the two earlier this month. Fletcher said he taught the brown haired, younger Newsom how to surf.

A picture paints a much better picture than words ever could, so we shall redirect you here.


California’s Department of Motor Vehicles will have to wait a little bit longer before it sees any extra money in its wallet. The DMV warned lawmakers earlier this month that wait times will rise, unless it gets over $40 million to keep new workers on staff.

The Joint Legislative Budget Committee told the department on Monday it needs more time to review the request, so it directed the Department of Finance to withhold the funds until April 30. This deadline will allow lawmakers to “hold a hearing to more broadly consider the Administration’s proposals.”


The Convention of States is holding a 10 a.m. rally today on the south steps of the Capitol to discuss its legislative goals over the 2019 session. The group, which aims to give more power to state governments, advocates for amendments to the U.S. Constitution.


Assemblymember Todd Gloria (@AsmToddGloria) — “When you show up to work and @KimKardashian is there. Context: She visited #CALeg today to support criminal justice reform and reducing recidivism.”

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