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AM Alert: Budget, house of origin deadlines keep Sacramento busy

This undated photo provided by the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau shows California’s Capitol.
This undated photo provided by the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau shows California’s Capitol. AP

Get ready for a crazy week.

With last week’s suspense survivors and casualties tallied, we move now to the Friday deadline for getting bills out of their house of origin. That means marathon floor sessions to get through the stack of legislation awaiting action, including high-profile items to require more scheduling notice for shift workers and to regulate medical marijuana in the Assembly; or, on the Senate side, to offer healthcare to undocumented immigrants and let dying people take their own lives.

And of course we are entering crunch time for this year’s budget bonanza. The first conference committee, tasked with joining competing Assembly and Senate plans, is scheduled to meet today. If you haven’t, check out some of our stories on fights over Medi-Cal and childcare funding.

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MONEYUANA: We’ve already covered an increasingly assertive cannabis industry flexing their lobbying muscle as Sacramento debates multiple pot regulation bills. Tonight Mayahuel will host an event benefiting the California Cannabis Industry Association’s candidate-boosting Cannabis Action PAC, with attendees willing to spend $500 or more getting a chance to “network with industry leaders from across the state,” as an invitation has it.

DISNIFIED: Just in case Disney hasn’t yet pervaded every aspect of your life, fear not: a giant Mickey Mouse balloon will float over the Capitol today to mark the Assembly and the Senate planning to pass resolutions to declare today Disneyland Day in honor of the park’s 60th anniversary. A high-level summit between dognitaries Pluto and Sutter Brown is also on the agenda. No word on whether Lucy Colusa will be allowed to attend.

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