Capitol Alert

AM Alert: Vaccine vigil continues after SB 277 fight ends

Despite Gov. Jerry Brown’s approval of Senate Bill 277, the mandatory vaccination bill, the dust remains somewhat unsettled on the issue. A Voice for Choice, a leading group opposed to the measure, is continuing its vigil outside the Capitol today, now determined to show opponents aren’t “going away,” according to organizer Christina Hildebrand.

Hildebrand says the group is considering litigation and a referendum, and is also actively opposing two other bills: Senate Bill 792, requiring immunizations for daycare workers, which cleared the Assembly Health Committee on Tuesday, and Assembly Bill 1117, which requires the Department of Health Care Services to develop a program to improve childhood vaccination rates, pending in the Senate.

LELAND YEE IN COURT: A plea deal may be on the way in the corruption trial for ex-Sen. Leland Yee. The San Francisco Democrat and three of his co-defendants, who pleaded not guilty to a range of charges, are set for change-of-plea hearings today. Yee faces up to 165 years in prison on charges that he traded favors, including influencing marijuana legislation, to get out of debts he owed on a run for San Francisco mayor.

KDL DOES SEX-ED: Following up on their Senate Bill 967, which tied state financial aid for colleges to requirements on sexual assault policies, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leόn and Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, are taking another step.

SB 695, up today in the Assembly Education Committee, requires school systems that have a health class to include education on sexual harassment and “affirmative consent,” the principle that active, and not implied, consent is required before sex. The hearing starts at 1:30 in Room 4202.

WATER AND POT: The Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture is having a hearing today to talk about the impacts of the drought and illegal marijuana growing operations on fisheries.

The hearing is expected to bring together a number of environmental experts, industry leaders and river advocates. It starts at 10 a.m. in room 2040.

TRANSGENDER DEATH CERTIFICATES: A transgender advocacy bill from Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins goes into effect today. Under the law, AB 1577, the sex listed on death certificates has to be based on the gender identity of the deceased, not biological sex. The law now also provides specific standards for settling disputes over gender identity between people with rights to control the remains.

It’s the first of the month, so also taking effect today: a requirement for paid sick days, oversight for fracking and new insurance requirements for ride-sharing programs.