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Jerry Brown, Mexican president, discuss climate change, border crisis

MEXICO CITY – Gov. Jerry Brown and Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto discussed climate change and the border immigration crisis in a private meeting Monday, but the talks were general in nature, said Senate President Pro Tem-elect Kevin de León, a Los Angeles Democrat who participated in the meeting.

De León, the Mexican president and the governor, who is widely expected to win re-election to a fourth term in November, also discussed how they are likely to have several years in office together to shape efforts on the economy and climate change, de León said.

“That being said, you know, we need to take advantage of the opportunity and bring about projects that work for both sides of the border,” de León said.

De León said conversations about climate change and the illegal border crossing of thousands of young immigrants from Central America did not involve specific policy proposals.

He called it a “productive, highly pragmatic” meeting.

Brown arrived in Mexico City on Sunday night for his first official visit to the country since taking office in 2011.

“I think because of our proximity and our history and also our very sympathetic policy both to … Mexico and to the plight of people who have struggled to get here from Mexico, we are in a very good position to forge very close and productive relationships.”

Brown then entered a reception for delegates and got right to ribbing the business interests – many of them conservatives – who paid for his trip.

“This is the glitziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Brown said. “This is the way Republicans live.”