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California gubernatorial debate: Brown, Kashkari on the issues

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and GOP challenger Neel Kashkari differed on issues from immigration to high-speed rail in Thursday’s debate. Here are some excerpts:

Kashkari on immigrant children

“I am the son of immigrants. I think immigration adds tremendous value to our country ... We can’t solve all of the world’s problems with an open border. We need to have sensible immigration laws.”

Brown on immigrant children

“I think they ought to get a decent hearing because they are coming from Honduras and El Salvador and Guatemala where some of them are facing gangs and murder and girls are being put into prostitution. They came here all the way from Mexico unaccompanied by adults, so I think the least we could do is follow the law of California and give them a fair hearing.”

Brown on teacher-tenure ruling

“I am appealing because the constitution requires the court of appeal to invalidate the laws of California. Do I think there’s a problem in the inner cities of California with 1.6 million kids who speak no English at home, or, the kids who are homeless and in poverty? Yes I do.”

Kashkari on teacher-tenure ruling

“The judge got it exactly right. This is one of the most important civil rights cases in years, not just in California, in the country.”

Brown on high-speed rail

“It’s cheaper than building highways. If we take away part of the burden on (highways and roads) it will be cheaper and cleaner.”

Kashkari on high-speed rail

“(Brown) is raising your gas prices to fund a ‘vanity project.’ My plan is to cancel the train and invest it in water. It is a crazy train and that’s why Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has questioned it.”

Kashkari on his record during the bank bailout

“We rejected those experts and we got George Bush and Barack Obama to work together. We got Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner to work together. If we could get them to work together in Washington, I know we could get them to work together in Sacramento.”

Brown on Kashkari’s record during the bank bailout

“When you hand out money you could get everybody to go along. The system is stabilized but the bonuses that were given after that bailout – $32 billion – talk about destroying the middle class. That exacerbated the inequality and the unfairness that Wall Street has been guilty of and that has contributed so much to the problems in California with the home foreclosures and the unemployment.”

Brown on bill to ban plastic bags

“I probably will sign it. There are about 50 cities with their own plastic bag ban. That’s causing a lot of confusion. That’s why the groceries themselves (wanted) one statewide ban that’s reasonable.”

Kashkari on bill to ban plastic bags

“No chance would I sign that ... The time for incrementalism has long since past ... (we need) bold reforms. Plastic bags is not going to do it.”

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