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AM Alert: Atkins continues transportation talks

Construction workers on Interstate 80 in July 2015 in Sacramento.
Construction workers on Interstate 80 in July 2015 in Sacramento.

State legislators and local officials will speak to the press in Los Angeles on Friday morning about California’s transportation infrastructure.

Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti are expected to discuss efforts to address the state’s transportation issues in the special session.

Gov. Jerry Brown held his own press conference about transportation infrastructure with Atkins on Wednesday in Oakland. Brown has called for billions of dollars in funding to repair the state’s roads and highways, but on Wednesday he avoided supporting any solutions lawmakers have proposed, including raising the gas tax or fees.

WAGE THEFT: Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De León, D-Los Angeles, will participate in a town hall with local workers in Los Angeles on Friday to highlight wage theft, the topic of his bill SB 588. De León says low-wage workers in Los Angeles are often illegally underpaid when employers pay less than minimum wage or pay for fewer hours than those worked.

The bill, which would strengthen the enforcement of state labor laws, passed the Senate in June.

DROUGHT TALKS: Experts and state officials will discuss a Public Policy Institute of California report predicting that if the state’s historic four-year drought continues, the impact will be most severe in low-income rural communities and in the state’s wetlands, rivers and forests.

The report recommends that the state boost emergency programs to help rural residents get drinking water if their wells run dry. It also says the state must “build drought resilience in the most vulnerable areas.”

The panel will convene at noon at 1020 11th St.

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