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AM Alert: California legislative staffers get wet

A bus passes through a flooded roadway Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014, in Mill Valley, Calif.
A bus passes through a flooded roadway Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014, in Mill Valley, Calif. AP

You may be busy recovering from Thursday’s storm, whether it involves cleaning up some debris or hitting the grocery store because you lacked a popular alternative mode of transportation, but state government kept on rolling. The Department of Parks and Recreation was busy, closing outdoor vistas to visitors, while a spokesman at the California Department of General Services said it was “all hands on deck” looking out for fallen trees and other hazards in Capitol Park.

Also undeterred by the elements was a a group of Capitol staffers for whom water was on the agenda, and not just because it was falling from the sky. A water policy education tour is filling in staff members on the ever-relevant topic, conducted under the auspices of groups like the California Latino Water Coalition and an alliance of business, labor and agricultural groups called Clean Water & Jobs for California.

Thursday, the tour brought participants to the planned site of the controversial Bay Delta Conservation Plan’s twin tunnels. They heard from officials representing water agencies, such as the Westlands Water District. Today the circuit continues in the Monterey area, where staffers will learn how infrastructure like water recycling technology and desalination plants help supply farms.

VIDEO: California’s not exactly shrinking, but Dan Walters says the days of explosive population growth may be a thing of the past.

DEMONSTRATIVE: The non-indictment of cops who killed suspects continues to roil California cities, and this weekend members of the NAACP will be bringing the protest to the Capitol. They’ll be gathering on Saturday around noon on the north steps to protest African-Americans dying at the hands of police officers, part of a National Day for Justice and Accountability.

JUDGMENTAL: The Judicial Council of California will be meeting in San Francisco today to discuss legislative priorities for 2014, which you can bet involve seeking more funding for the recession-starved courts system. It’s become an annual request, and this year will be part of a broader question: With California’s budget flourishing and Gov. Jerry Brown re-elected, will the governor be willing to loosen the purse strings?

COLLECTIVE: Here’s an event sure to excite political nerds in Sacramento: the American Political Items Collectors will be sponsoring a collectibles convention this weekend. You can get or sell your old campaign buttons and other curios and memorabilia on Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Sierra 2 Center on 24th street. It’s $3 ($2 with an ad in The Bee) and free for kids.

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