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Jerry Brown: Most people ‘not that concerned’ about climate

Gov. Jerry Brown, who has wasted no opportunity to lambaste Republican presidential candidates for their rejection of mainstream climate science, said Saturday he is less concerned about those politicians than about the majority of Americans who do not view climate change as an urgent problem.

Brown, speaking in a small theater in the Grand Palais after a documentary film screening, said the “problem is not so much” resistant politicians but that “most people, or a huge number of people are not that concerned.”

“They’ve got other things to worry about,” he said. “So it’s really up to active people in non-governmental organizations or political leaders at various levels to put this on the radar screen.”

Brown was participating in a panel conversation with documentary director Charles Ferguson and conservationist Jane Goodall on his first night in the city. The fourth-term Democrat is in Paris for the United Nations climate summit, at which world leaders are trying to negotiate a new climate agreement.

Goodall was asked if she was optimistic about the outcome of the conference.

Before the audience spilled out of the theater and into a massive Christmas market along the street, she said, “I can only say I hope so, because as so many people have said, you know, we are on the cusp of disaster.”

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