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On the holiday gift list for Bill and Nadia Lockyer: twins

Former Treasurer Bill Lockyer at a Press Club luncheon in 2012.
Former Treasurer Bill Lockyer at a Press Club luncheon in 2012.

The personal lives of much of California’s political class make for some boring browsing.

Their social media accounts, scrubbed of any absorbing detail, often are just another venue to disseminate glossy – and politically safe – images along with a heavy dose of self-serving statements. Not so for Nadia Lockyer, the wife of former Treasurer Bill Lockyer, who holds little back in her postings.

The couple, she an ex-Alameda County supervisor, and he a former treasurer, attorney general and Senate leader, has been through tumultuous times. She resigned her elected post amid struggles with addiction and a well-publicized altercation with a former lover, and later accused Lockyer of carrying on an affair.

Things have turned around. An entry last week by Nadia explains the reason for the double dose of Christmas joy: twin boys they have named Harrison William Lockyer and Elijah Westwood Lockyer.

“So very deeply enormously full of gratitude and words could possibly adequately describe this,” wrote Nadia Lockyer, 44.

The news was not a surprise. Bill Lockyer, 74, recalled that Nadia made the announcement on her page earlier this year. “She’s a Facebook person,” he said.

Lockyer, who now works at the law firm Brown Rudnick LLP in Orange County, said by phone that mom and children are doing well.

“This is her idea of a wonderful Christmas present,” Lockyer said.

He added: “For me, I guess I am testing the hypothesis that kids keep you young.”

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