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AM Alert: Nancy Reagan mourned by Jerry Brown, George W. Bush, Mr. T

President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan from the California State Capitol Building for a campaign rally on November 5, 1984.
President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan from the California State Capitol Building for a campaign rally on November 5, 1984. Sacramento Bee Staff Photo

They may not have shared her politics, but a prominent lineup of current and former elected officials will help lay former first lady Nancy Reagan to rest in Simi Valley this morning.

Guests expected at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library include Gov. Jerry Brown, former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former President George W. Bush, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, first lady Michelle Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Numerous media icons and celebrities also dot the guest list, including Katie Couric, Tom Brokaw, Larry King, Tom Selleck and Anjelica Huston. Mr. T, who helped the former First Lady in her anti-drug campaign, is also scheduled to attend.

Assembly members paid their respects on Thursday. You can watch a video of their commemorations here.

TUNNELING: Like Republicans abhorring new taxes, Delta-area lawmakers opposing the tunnels are a political constant. Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, who has coauthored a bill seeking to force a vote on Brown’s massive water export tunnel project, will hold a hearing in San Francisco on potential impacts of the tunnels and a pending Delta water quality plan. Expected witnesses include California Natural Resources Agency Secretary John Laird, Diane Riddle of the State Water Resources Control Board, and an array of experts. Starting at 10 a.m. at the Milton Marks Conference Center.

ICED: A few years after California passed a widely heralded law limiting cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities, advocates warn that locals are flaunting the law and helping Immigration and Customs Enforcement deport people. During a 9:30 a.m. press conference outside the Elihu M. Harris State Building in Oakland, Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, will be announcing legislation to tighten things up by barring locals from sharing information with ICE.

SWORDFIGHT: Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislators have been fishing for changes in how California catches swordfish. They want the state to move away from gillnets that tend to ensnare many other species, opting instead for something called deep-set buoy gear (you can read more about it here). The Pacific Fishery Management Council, which has gotten letters promoting the new method from Newsom and from Democratic lawmakers, votes on authorizing the gear today.

WITH HER: California Democrats love them some Hillary Clinton. Senate Democrats traveled to Nevada to boost the former secretary of state last month, and Bonta sent out invites for a Clinton event this evening featuring Olympic figure skater and campaign surrogate Michelle Kwan. Tickets for the event in Oakland run between $250 and $2,700 a person.

SCHOOLED: A couple of big education events on the horizon today. A Policy Analysis for California Education talk will examine how educators are adapting to new Common Core standards, of which California was an early and enthusiastic adopter (1130 K Street from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.). Meanwhile, the California Federation of Teachers will be holding its convention in San Francisco starting today, with speakers including national leader Randi Weingarten and a video address from California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

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