Capitol Alert

Pro-Trump super PAC forms, with eye on California money


A group of Donald Trump supporters said Thursday they will raise millions of dollars into a new super PAC to support Trump’s presidential campaign, including “significant funds from California supporters.”

The super PAC, Committee for American Sovereignty, comes as the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee ramps up his own fundraising efforts.

Committee for American Sovereignty said it plans to raise $20 million before the Republican National Convention in July. The group will be chaired by former California state Sen. Tony Strickland. Its executive director is Doug Watts, who worked in George Deukmejian’s administration and, most recently, for Ben Carson’s failed presidential campaign.

Watts, who had been out of politics before joining with Carson and, now, the super PAC, said,“I found the allure of outsiders having an impact on the system to be just too enticing.”

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