Capitol Alert

Bay Area politicians ‘control everything,’ Loretta Sanchez says

Democrat Loretta Sanchez, campaigning for the U.S. Senate at a classic car show here, hung a sharp right and rushed over to a pair seniors who were trying to elude the afternoon heat.

Seated under a canopy, one of the men wanted to know where Sanchez appears on the primary ballot, a reasonable question given the potentially overwhelming field of 34 candidates running to succeed Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Sanchez, a congresswoman representing a district in Orange County, motioned to a pair of campaign aides, who informed the man that the number rotates by state Assembly district. The other man asked Sanchez to size up her opponents, and the exchange pivoted to a discussion about fellow Democrat Kamala Harris, the state attorney general and a leading candidate for the Boxer seat.

What’s Harris all about?, the man inquired. Sanchez, testing out material should she advance to a Nov. 8 rematch with Harris, described her opponent as a San Franciscan – “who said she is going to be more liberal than Barbara, or me.”

After more questioning, one of the men concurred with Sanchez that the state doesn’t need another Bay Area native in statewide office.

“They control everything. They control everything, so we’re trying to beat them,” Sanchez said. “So vote Sanchez. Please.”

Christopher Cadelago: 916-326-5538, @ccadelago