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Democrats erupt as Republican Doug Elmets bashes Trump

Perhaps no one speaking at the Democratic National Convention this week had less to say to party loyalists – and more to the opposition – than Doug Elmets, a Sacramento Republican who worked in the Reagan White House.

Contrasting Donald Trump with Reagan, a conservative icon, Elmets urged fellow Republicans to reject their party’s nominee as “a petulant, dangerously unbalanced reality star who will coddle tyrants and alienate allies.”

The crowd erupted when Elmets introduced himself, saying, “Unlike many of you, I’m a Republican,” then again when he said will vote for Hillary Clinton.

But Elmets was speaking to an audience beyond the hall.

To my fellow Republicans,” Elmets said, “If you believe, like I do … loyalty to our country is more important than loyalty to party, if you want a president with good judgment, a steady hand, and the temperament to represent our nation to the world – and our children – I ask you to join me in voting for Hillary Clinton as president of the United States.”

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