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They’re back! Online comments for all on

State Worker blog users and visitors to other parts of can now post comments again after a policy change intended to spark participation in the online forums.

The new system, which launched on Thursday, lets users log on with one of eight social media accounts or to register a new account. (Hit the “comment” button below to open the revamped feature.)

Comment policy on has gone through several iterations over the years. Early on, responsible, thoughtful commentators shared below-the-story space with anonymous bomb-throwers. The Bee eventually shut down comments, then reopened them to users by invitation only. Eventually, the circle widened to any Bee subscribers.

Now anyone who willing to use a verifiable social media account can weigh in on coverage.

Although commenting is easier, the standards for participation are a bit more strict. Bee staff (not your humble blogger) will check social media identities and anyone found using a fake account will be banned.

Personal attacks, hate speech, profanities and vulgarities will get you run. Moderators (your humble blogger isn’t one of them) will cut more slack for criticizing public figures or government officials. Personal attacks involving appearance, race, ethnicity are still a no-no.

If enough people participate, look for the return of Blog Backs, a popular Friday State Worker feature that for years highlighted insightful and provocative user comments each week.

Call Jon Ortiz, Bee Capitol Bureau, (916) 321-1043.