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State picks Golden 1 Center builder for $520 million Sacramento tower

The company that built Golden 1 Center will get a crack at another project that could change the look of downtown Sacramento with a 20-story office tower expected to open in 2021.

The Department of General Services announced this week that it chose Turner Construction to design and build a $520 million office tower intended to house about 3,500 state workers at 7th and O streets.

The project will allow state workers to leave the Resources Building at 1416 9th Street, which a 2015 study ranked as the worst state structure in Sacramento.

The new building is expected to house workers from California Natural Resources Agency, the Department of Water Resources, Parks and Recreation and Fish and Wildlife.

Gov. Jerry Brown first disclosed plans for the new building in his January 2016 budget proposal.

Turner, an international construction firm with a longtime Sacramento office, was one of four companies that submitted proposals to design and build the office tower. It is working with Los Angeles architecture firm AC Martin to design the building.

The tower will house a daycare facility that can accommodate 120 children, making it the largest child care center in a state government building. It’s also expected to use water conservation and solar power features that will make it a so-called “zero-net energy” building.

It will be adjacent to the 1881 Heilbron mansion, a historic home the state intends to preserve during construction and re-open when the building is complete.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2018.

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