The State Worker

See what's being torn down at 12th and O. And what's going to go up there?

Three state agencies will be reporting to work in a new building on O Street in early 2021.

The demolition of the current office building at the corner of 12th and O streets has begun, with plans to start the new building shortly after. The new office building will be home to approximately 1,150 employees from the California Health and Human Services Agency, the Department of Developmental Services and the Department of State Hospitals.

"This project includes demolition of the existing vacant California Department of Food and Agriculture Annex building, abatement and removal of all asbestos and lead materials and construction of a new, modern office building at 1215 O Street," according to the California Department of General Services website.

The sight of large hydraulic excavators clawing at the four-story building has attracted onlookers this week, Monday, July 2, and Tuesday, July 3, 2018.

When complete, the estimated total cost of the project is approximately $274 million. The 2017 Budget Act provided bond financing for the project, the frequently asked questions page on the DGS website says.

The new building will include solar panels, strict water reduction goals, lighting control systems and more. It will also have a first-floor retail space with a food court-style cafeteria that will be open to the public, according to the FAQ page.