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Every day The Sacramento Bee’s State Worker blog filters the news through a single question: “What does this mean for state workers?” We cover news about state pay, benefits, pensions, contracts, jobs and more.

Now we’re upping our game with a weekly newsletter specially for California government workers. Every Wednesday, you’ll get extra news that matters for you and your job. Sign up today at

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Do you work for the state of California?

If so, then we've got something special for you. For more than 10 years we've provided state workers with exclusive insight and analysis that can keep you ahead of the curve.
Adam Ashton and others on The State Worker team provide vital information:
  • News on pay, benefits, pensions, job openings and promotions.
  • Trends in the state workforce and at PERS and STRS.
  • Exclusive stories about discipline and politics in state service.
For a limited time, state workers can take advantage of a 99-cents offer for your first month of access.