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Column Extra: Should Jerry Brown seek a non-white state human resources chief?

The our latest State Worker column has drawn a range of comments and emails from readers tossing in their thoughts about vital qualities the next director of the Department of Human Resources must possess.

Here’s an email that succinctly captures a common theme we’re hearing. We’re publishing it here, unedited, with the author’s permission:

Mr. Ortiz -

As a recent retired state employee with 40 years in State government, I agree with your editorial comments but would add one very important factor for the Governor to consider in selecting the next CalHR Director: Diversity. State government needs someone with exemplary skill sets of inclusion and experience in reaching out to California's bilingual, cultural and diverse population including persons w disabilities, LGBT, women and veterans.

Neptaly Taty Aguilera

State President

CAFE de California

A Chicano Latino State Employees Association

Worth noting: Only one director of CalHR or the its predecessor, the Department of Human Resources, has been a person of color in the agencies’ combined 32-year history: Mike Navarro, a 2004 appointee of former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With just 400 to 450 words for our weekly State Worker column, much of what we learn each week never sees print. Column Extras give you some of the notes, the quotes, the documents and the observations that inform what's published.

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