The State Worker

California state workers: Have you been transferred and didn’t know it?

Our weekend story in fiber/cyber editions of the Sacramento Bee explain how state government officials hold on to vacant job positions – and the budgeted money tied to them – by moving employees in and out of vacancies. State law requires positions be abolished if unfilled for six months, and moving employees to circumvent that statute is illegal.

State workers who are “transferred” may not even know they’ve been moved, because the transactions are handled by deaprtment personnel staff who merely manipulate the affected employees’ job identification number, a 13-digit code assigned to every position in state government.

This link opens a page with a searchable database that shows non-promotional state employee transfers for fiscal 2010-11 through 2012-13. Many were legal and performed with employees’ knowledge. Some were not. See if you or colleagues were moved between positions and didn't know it.

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