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Poll: Will new law mean a move for Board of Equalization HQ?

In case you missed it, crews went to work at the Board of Equalization headquarters on Friday to fix damage from water that spilled out of an air-conditioning cooling unit.

Just a few hours earlier, Gov. Jerry Brown announced he’d signed legislation that requires his Department of General Resources to come up with a management plan for the three dozen or so state-owned buildings in the Sacramento area and designate which three are in the worst shape. Those facilities would be prime candidates for replacement, although the Legislature still would have to authorize the hundreds of millions of dollars needed for new facilities.

The law’s author, Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento, said he assumes the 24-story Equalization tower would make that list, given it’s long history of defects. But would that lead to a move for the 1,900 or so workers in the building? Take our poll, then come back later today to check on the results.

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