The State Worker

California state worker health insurance calculator launched

The California Department of Human Resources has rolled out a benefits calculator that allows state employees to determine their out-of-pocket costs for medical, dental and vision insurance for the current and coming calendar years.

Users decide whether they want to see costs for the 2015 or 2016 calendar year, then plug in their bargaining unit or their excluded status, the number of dependents to be insured and the insurance plans to be calculated.

The site allows side-by-side cost comparisons of two plans at a time. It does not calculate benefits for retirees, California State University employees or for non-state government workers.

The website’s launch comes just in time for CalPERS’ open enrollment from Sept. 14 through Oct. 9. The fund administers health coverage for roughly 1.4 million government employees and retirees, including 540,000 active state employees and their dependents whose coverage can be run through the benefits calculator.