The State Worker

Missed out on the California state worker survey? Here’s your chance to weigh in

Since reporting on the results of the first-ever “engagement survey” of California state workers on Thursday, this blog has received several emails and a few phone calls from users saying they wish they had been among the 5,000 employees asked to participate.

Which got us thinking ... why can’t they?

So today we are posting the first five statements that were in the 2015 Employee Survey issued by CalHR and the Government Operations Agency. You rate them on the same scale used by the state’s survey, from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagee.” Next week we’ll post the last five statements.

Once we close the survey, we’ll tally the collective responses to each statement and post the results compared to the results of the official survey.

Remember, this haphazard, self-selected, uncontrolled online poll with no scientific value whatsoever, unlike the state’s carefully executed and analyzed survey. So please, no wagering.


For each of the statements below, please check the box to indicate your level of agreement.