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New titles – and pay – for California state lawyers

The Sacramento Bee

A look back and a look ahead at state salaries for workers represented by California Attorneys, Admimistrative Law Judges and Hearing Officers in State Employment (CASE, for short), sifted from 2014 payroll numbers from the Controller’s Office:

WAGES: Median annual pay – the point at which half of the group earned more and half earned less – increased 6.5 percent last year to $108,910. The group’s average earnings rose 8 percent to $97,794, owing to a combination of factors, including bargained salary increases, promotions and the end of furloughs in July 2013.

WORKERS: The state issued pay to 3,994 employees in CASE, about 2 percent fewer than in 2013. Of those, 499 are classified as either Attorney IV (average pay $119,000) or Administrative Law Judge II (average $112,000 annual wage). That matters because ...

WHAT’S AHEAD: CASE last year negotiated Attorney V and ALJ III classes added to the state roster. The new titles will allow qualifying lawyers and judges to earn up to 5 percent more salary by promoting up (while the Brown administration side-steps calling the higher wages a targeted raise for senior employees). Look for the promotion-raises to start later this year.

This is the first in a series of State Worker blog posts on California state-employee pay by bargaining unit. Click here to search state-government wage data on

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