The State Worker

Poll: Can California state government get more fit?

“The Biggest Loser” winner from 2005, Seth Word.
“The Biggest Loser” winner from 2005, Seth Word. NBC Entertainment/Episodic

A new bill that lays out Gov. Jerry Brown’s intent for a “strong and nimble civil service system” has popped up on the Department of Finanace’s website in preparation for the 2015-16 state budget.

“(I)t is the intent of the Legislature that the administration continues with ongoing and identifies new efforts to improve the state’s civil service system,” the latest so-called “spot bill” states. “This should be done through modernizing recruitment, examination, and hiring practices; developing more robust employee and management training programs; reforming probation policies; and improving employee and management evaluation processes, among other initiatives.”

The proposal is a placeholder for more substantial language that will be inserted after the administration bargains with state-employee unions and negotiates the budget with the Legislature. But will change happen more on paper than in the state workplace? Weigh in with our poll.

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