Puma, surviving kitten captured on video for first time since wine country fires

The mountain lion known as P1 has been spotted after the devastating wine country wildfires for the first time – and she’s not alone.

One of her kittens, now 8 months old, was also caught on camera by an Audubon Canyon Ranch research team.

“We have the most exciting news to share! Mama mountain lion, P1, and her one surviving kitten were finally filmed near Bennett Valley, #Sonoma in the wee hours this morning by Dr. Quinton Martins using newly acquired trail cameras replaced after the fire destroyed all our others,” ACR said on Facebook on Tuesday.

P1’s three kittens were first filmed at 10 days old by the team.

The den was uncovered in the Glenn Ellen-Kenwood area of Sonoma County in April.

Months later, in August, another video by the team showed that two of the three kittens had survived to 4 months old.

“Only two of the kittens had survived, but that’s pretty good at this stage,” Dr. Quinton Martins, project leader of the ACR Mountain Lion Project, said at the time. “Typically their survival rate would be 50 percent.”

The most recent video, captured at 3:50 a.m. Tuesday near Bennett Valley in Sonoma, seems to indicate only one of the kittens survived.

The mother puma and her cub were feasting on a buck she had killed recently, according to ACR. You can hear P1 vocalizing in the film and her kitten keeps nuzzling her.

“Mom and her 8-month-old big baby look as sweet as ever,” ACR said in its post.