Man flashed fake FBI badge to get into LA jail. It didn’t get him in the way he hoped, cops say

A man who posed as an FBI agent to sneak into a Los Angeles jail this week got his wish, according to authorities — just not the way he intended.

Greg Baghoomian, 28, walked up to an enclosed booth in the lobby of a downtown Los Angeles jail on Tuesday after 10 p.m. and flashed an FBI special agent badge to deputies, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said. Then the suspect tried to enter the jail.

When deputies at the facility insisted on checking his credentials, Baghoomian ran away on foot, making his way over to the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail facility across the street, according to the sheriff’s office.

By that point, though, the deputies at the first facility had already called over to their colleagues at the Men’s Central Jail to let them know that a rather suspicious character was on his way over, the sheriff’s office said.

Deputies at the jail then detained Baghoomian in the lobby he’d fled to, according to the sheriff’s department.


And when the sheriff’s department searched him, they found a lot more than fake FBI credentials: The Sunland, Calif., man also had “a large fixed blade knife, two Taser devices, handcuffs” and more, the sheriff’s office said.

Baghoomian was arrested on charges of bringing a deadly weapon inside a jail facility and impersonating a peace officer — both felonies, according to the sheriff’s office. More charges could be added as the county’s jail investigation unit continues to investigate.

Baghoomian was booked Wednesday at (where else?) the inmate reception center that he’d originally tried busting into with his false credentials, the sheriff’s office said, adding that it’s not yet clear what Baghoomian had hoped to do if he had been able to get in with his fake badge.

Bail has been set at $105,000, according to Los Angeles County jail records.

Baghoomian’s next court appearance is set for March 22.