Sheriff Scott Jones passes the hat, but not to pay court costs

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We open with Sheriff Scott Jones’ fundraiser, move to reasons to vote for president in 2016, and onto serious issues with the Sac PD. Check out the op-eds by Bill Whalen, and the team of Steve Maviglio and Ray McNally. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. If not, they’ll always have Moscow.

Take that

Not that we’re invited. But Sheriff Scott Jones’ latest fundraising invitation for his congressional run against Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove, arrived on the day a judge decided Sacramento County must pay $5.3 million in attorneys’ fees on top of the $3.6 million judgment in the sexual harassment case against the Sheriff’s Department. Tuesday’s bash will be at Dave and Chris Lucchetti’s spread in Wilton. Hosts include Roberta MacGlashan and Susan Peters, two of the five supervisors who must voter on whether to appeal. We’re guessing none of the money they raise will help defray court costs.

Take a number: $356,350

Camel smoker and former House Speaker John Boehner took $356,350 in tobacco industry campaign money between 2006 and 2014, the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics reports. On Tuesday, tobacco giant Reynolds American Inc. made the relationship official by adding Boehner to its board of directors. He’s supposed to dissuade kids from smoking, which is oh-so rich, as TobaccoFreeKids notes. – Jack Ohman @JackOhman

Our take

Editorial: In a perfect world, all candidates would be honest, experienced and charismatic. The world is not perfect. We believe that Hillary Clinton’s flaws, such as they are, pale next to those of Donald Trump, with his lies and insults.

Editorial: Sacramento isn’t Ferguson, but our city’s Police Department has a problem – one that, without a serious intervention, is a recipe for disaster.

Dan Walters: Jerry Brown vetoes tax break bills but doesn’t push vital tax reform.

Steve Maviglio and Ray McNally: Our job was to help explain the U.S. presidential contest to Russians in Moscow, which is like trying to decipher the impossible-to-decipher Voynich manuscript.

Bill Whalen: The Golden State is blessed by the likes of Matt Haney, president of the San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education, who recently posted on his Twitter account (since set to private) that San Francisco should rename Washington High School because the father of our county owned slaves. Brilliant.

Their take

L.A. Times: The problem Dean Cortopassi’s Proposition 53 aims to solve is speculative, but the damage it could inflict is very real. We agree.

San Francisco Chronicle: Proposition 64 would bring discipline and oversight to a marijuana industry that is operating in the shadows, to the detriment of public health, the environment and public safety. Vote yes on 64. We plan to weigh in on Sunday.

Kansas City Star: Of the 451 University of Missouri-Columbia faculty members hired in the last two academic years, only 19 were African Americans. Now, the university is making needed investments to improve race relations on campus.

Dallas Morning News: Overhauling the way Texas picks judges won’t be simple. But limiting the influence of money and partisan labels are good places to start.

David French, National Review: Increasingly, the First Amendment is being used to intimidate Americans into silence.

Syndicates’ take

Gail Collins: Donald Trump dances with Dr. Oz on his ultimate reality show.

Charles Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton sharpens, and Donald Trump softens.

Dana Milbank: Harry Reid’s bountiful bile.

Trudy Rubin: Donald Trump’s praise for Vladimir Putin shows just how dangerous he would be as president.

Charles M. Blow: Donald Trump’s “deplorable” hypocrisy.


“(Jeffrey) Koons has never been an artist. He is an industrialist – the owner of a factory that manufactures large-scale collectibles based upon ideas from real artists. How sad that California is now just another patsy, another rube taken in by Koons.” – Michael Mulcahy, Chico