Perils of jaywalking; What Facebook has wrought; the North Korea crisis hits close

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Jack Ohman: Sacramento jaywalking and the dream ...

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Our take


What Sacramento’s jaywalking tickets tell us about justice, or lack of it: Rank and file police may be disgruntled, but Sacramento’s civic leaders were right in their response to the police beating of Nandi Cain after the young man was stopped for allegedly jaywalking. If anything, the case underscores the department’s need for cultural reform.


Erika D. Smith: Facebook murder is something CEO Mark Zuckerberg should’ve seen coming. The murder of Cleveland’s Robert Godwin Sr. was uploaded to Facebook by suspect Steve Stephens and shared widely. It’s just the latest episode of violence shared on the social network.

Foon Rhee: North Korea standoff hits close to the heart. There’s good reason to be scared about the war talk coming from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, especially for the 10 million who live in Seoul, in range of North Korean artillery.


Jim Wood: Assembly Bill 315 requires pharmacy benefits managers to disclose to their customers any activity, policy or practice that directly or indirectly interferes with their obligations to customers. They would also be required to disclose the aggregate amount of drug acquisition costs, rebates received, administrative fees collected from drug manufacturers and pharmacies.

Take a number: 56 percent

That’s the proportion of Americans who believe our tax system is unfair, with tax filing deadline on Tuesday. And 62 percent say they are bothered by a belief that corporations don’t pay their fair share, and 60 percent that the rich don’t pay enough, according to the Pew Research Center survey.

That discontent is only likely to rise if Congress approves the tax reform plan being talked about by President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan. As The Bee’s editorial board has said, the benefits of that proposal are heavily weighted toward big companies and the wealthy. Foon Rhee, @foonrhee

Their take

Los Angeles Times: Would Donald Trump be president today if California had moved its 2016 presidential primary earlier in the year? Probably, but who knows for sure?

East Bay Times: Assemblyman Jim Frazier’s proposal to steal $10.5 million annually from the East Bay Regional Park District to fund a local fire agency ranks as one of the dumbest pieces of legislation we’ve seen. East Bay residents should be outraged at his attempt to raid the coffers of their treasured park district.

Kansas City Star: The U.S. Supreme Court has a chance Wednesday to fix a flaw in Missouri’s constitution – a prohibition borne of anti-Catholic prejudice and unneeded today.

Syndicates take

Michael Gerson: A Trump Doctrine is still at the lumpy, unwhisked batter stage of intellectual baking. Will America merely respond to security threats? Or will American interests be defined broadly enough to include things like the effective delivery of social services in Afghanistan, the surveillance for pandemic disease in rural Tanzania? Encouraging these outcomes represents another, very real type of American power.

Charles M. Blow: The rolling litany of daily horrors that President Donald Trump has inflicted consuming and exhausting. For me at this point they center on an erosion of equality.

Eugene Robinson: Donald Trump’s love of leisure is yet another example of the gaping chasm between the kind of president he claimed he would be and the kind he actually is.

Paul Krugman: Will the Trump administration do anything substantive to bring back mining and manufacturing jobs? Probably not. But why does public discussion of job loss focus so intensely on mining and manufacturing, while virtually ignoring the big declines in some service sectors?

Trudy Rubin: How do you deal with a nuclear-armed Russian leader who denies, even in private, the most basic facts about the issues? And, how can President Donald Trump rebuff the Kremlin’s disinformation strategy when he copies Vladimir Putin’s playbook by promoting “fake facts”?

Andres Oppenheimer: Mexico’s decision to champion the regional offensive to restore democratic rule in Venezuela is a surprising development.


“Jaywalking needs to be addressed in other parts of the capital.” – Dianne Gregory, Sacramento

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