Republicans must ponder Trump’s future; Democrats must think about kids

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Jack Ohman says football isn’t Donald Trump’s game. Read the cartoon here.

Our take


Trump’s loose lips raise basic question: What’s the GOP’s tipping point? President Donald Trump reportedly shared highly classified information with Russian officials about a threat by the Islamic State. Will this be the tipping point for Republicans who have been far too willing to look the other way from Trump’s transgressions?

Democrats reject an attempt to help kids in need of a break: Legislation aimed at helping English-learners and poor kids would disrupt schools, public school lobbyists warned. Maybe the schools could use some disruption.


Dan Walters: California politicians celebrate state’s tolerance, but tolerate subpar educations for millions of poor, non-white California kids.


Alvaro Palacios Casanova: The Center for Environmental Health tested more than 250 food cans for bisphenol A, finding that nearly 20 percent from California stores that tested positive are not included in or not adequately identified by the state’s database.

Take a number: 2

Playing to the Democratic left and Bernie Sanders’ supporters, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has sent an email to California Democratic Party delegates announcing his support Tuesday for Kimberly Ellis to be chairwoman of the California Democratic Party. Newsom said Ellis “has demonstrated she has what it takes to do the job at a critical time in our history.”

Playing to the more establishment wing of the California Democratic Party, Newsom pointed out in the email that he endorsed Eric Bauman, a veteran inside player, fund-raiser and vice-chair of the party, for the same job last year. He called Bauman a “friend” and said he remains “convinced he will be an excellent leader.”

The Take called Bauman, but hasn’t heard whether he retains warm feelings for Newsom.

Their take

Los Angeles Times: Assembly Bill 1578 would prohibit state and local agencies from using public resources to assist the federal government in investigating or arresting someone for marijuana activity that is allowed in California, unless the federal government has a court order. Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer, D-Los Angeles, said the bill would ensure that police departments and other agencies don’t use taxpayer dollars to help undermine the will of the voters. The proposal to make California a so-called sanctuary state for marijuana is not the way to go.

San Francisco Chronicle: A California bill by former Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang, R-Diamond Bar, meant to stop forged signatures on Star Wars memorabilia is causing anguish for an unlikely victim: local bookstores that hold author-signing sessions. In attempting to solve one problem, a poorly thought out “autograph bill” created another.

Orange County Register: For years, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System suffered from considerable underfunding. In 2014, the state finally came up with a plan to fully fund the pension obligations made to teachers by the mid-2040s. Within the context of a financially irresponsible pattern of underfunding, this was a responsible development.

East Bay Times: Gov. Jerry Brown is never more convincing than when he is blasting President Donald Trump for his failure to make policy decisions based on the best science available. It’s too bad the governor doesn’t see the hypocrisy of his approach to the Delta Tunnels project.

Raleigh News & Observer: It has to rank as one of the most petty, childish and irresponsible maneuvers since Republicans took control of the North Carolina General Assembly after the 2010 elections.

Kansas City Star: A breakdown in decorum and tradition is threatening to make the Missouri Senate just like the House, and that’s not a good thing. This year’s legislative session devolved into shouting matches and mass confusion in the upper chamber, where cool heads and respectful deliberation once were valued.

Lexington Herald Leader: Kentuckians can be proud that our junior U.S. senator, Rand Paul, called Attorney General Jeff Sessions out on his disastrous decision related to drug prosecutions.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: There are very specific and solid reasons why religious institutions qualify for tax-free status in this country. Similarly, there also are very specific and solid reasons why religious organizations lose their tax-free status when they engage in political activities. President Donald Trump either hasn’t weighed those reasons or chooses to ignore them.

Takes on Trump’s loose lips

LA Times: Divulging state secrets. Interfering in investigations. The allegations just keep on coming.

Fresno Bee: Is this how to run a White House? Is this how to lead a country? The answer to both questions is an emphatic no. Perhaps, for Trump’s benefit, we should say it in Russian. Nyet.

Charlotte Observer: Donald Trump is so obsessed with Donald Trump – what people think about him and how people may have wronged him – that he can’t control what he says and does. It’s who he is and always has been. Except now, it’s threatening national security. It’s getting more dangerous every week. When will it be dangerous enough?

Kansas City Star: Remember when we said we wanted to give President Donald Trump a chance? Sure you do. Every day, that gets harder.

David French, National Review: Disclosure should be the result of a deliberative process, not a momentary impulse. Now, let’s contrast this appropriate process with the charges against President Trump and, crucially, with his defense.

Syndicates’ take

Kathleen Parker: Yes, President Donald Trump shared information with the Russians, but a dispassionate evaluation of events would provide relief from the exploding-heads parade on TV.

Frank Bruni: It’s not judges or senators who will save us from the worst of President Donald Trump, his undoing will come from within.

Dana Milbank: Donald Trump has a long history of walking out of disasters unscathed. It’s those around him – the Sean Spicers of the world – who are destroyed.

Ruben Navarrette: A new Department of Homeland Security office shows conservatives’ penchant for political theater when it comes to illegal immigration.

David Brooks: Immaturity is becoming the dominant note of Donald Trump’s presidency, lack of self-control his leitmotif.

David Leonhardt: Democrats need a comeback strategy, and the American working class needs an ally.


“California has 3 million more people than Canada; we have the sixth-largest economy in the world; and we can’t afford single-payer health care? Hogwash.” Fay Slater, Sacramento

Tweets of the Day

“I just asked @DarrellIssa abt the Comey news and he flicked me off -- literally gave me the middle finger -- and kept walking. Said nothing.” Politico reporter Rachael Bade, @rachaelmbade.

“I respect @rachaelmbade and worked with her for years. I know she must have seen or heard something to believe this happened, but it didn't” Darrell Issa, @DarrellIssa.

“I was there. Not in position to see the gesture but saw Issa turn to Rachael, her react. I believe @rachaelmbade.” Associated Press reporter Erica Werner, @ericawerner

Earlier this month, Issa, the Vista Republican who could face a tough race in 2018, deigned to answer a reporter’s question about how he planned to vote on repealing Obamacare by saying: “None of your business.” He voted for it.