Delta tunnels, Paris Accord and covfefe

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Jack Ohman says that the newest favorite word in America may be covfefe. Read his covfefe...er...cartoon here.

Our take


As Trump fiddles on climate, the world goes Californian: As President Donald Trump toys with the planet’s destruction, Germany’s Angela Merkel realizes he can’t be trusted. California has known that all along.


Dan Morain: Gov. Jerry Brown sends a message to water agencies on the Delta tunnels – and it’s direct.

Jack Ohman: Rick Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche died standing up to racism. Portland grieves.

David Freed: What ‘covfefe’ really means. Have you raised a toddler? Have you ever been one? Because that’s all you really need to fathom President Donald Trump’s latest seemingly unfathomable communique to the planet.

Marcos Breton: Are private players already lining up to help make Sacramento a ‘destination city?’


Snehaa Ganesh Kumar: Some kids play soccer. Others play chess. And then there are the kids with a passion for spelling bees. A trip to the Scripps National Spelling Bee is the ultimate.

Take a number: 43 percent

A growing proportion of voters want Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll out Wednesday. That number is up from 38 percent last week, and it’s now even higher than Trump’s approval rating in the Gallup daily tracking poll.

It’s not a good sign that those trend lines have crossed for a president without any major legislative accomplishments to speak of, and embroiled in the Russia investigation that has now ensnared Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser. Former FBI Director James Comey is reportedly cleared to testify next week, and the House Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed key Trump aides.

Even a White House war room and incessant tweets attacking the media may not be enough to turn these numbers around. – Foon Rhee, @foonrhee

Their take

San Francisco Chronicle: The process of making California’s state budget requires legislators to make many compromises. Unfortunately, one group whose needs have too often been compromised by the budget process are foster children. We agree.

East Bay Times: California adopted reforms last year to curb predatory disability lawsuits but, as evidenced by more state and federal proposals, the problem remains.

Raleigh News & Observer: Sen. Thom Tillis doesn’t help police by distorting the risks they face. How to best support the police and keep them safe should be based on the facts and an honest debate, not fiction, baseless allegations and politicking from our senators.

Kansas City Star: Go out and ask 10 Missourians of voting age if they know about the state’s new voter ID law. Here’s betting that seven of them will give you a blank stare. But on Thursday, the law goes into effect, and that poses big challenges for state officials responsible for getting word out about this whopper of a change to the right to vote.

Lexington Herald Leader: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin increasingly seems like just another politician who does business with and gives high-paying jobs to his buddies, hides what he doesn’t want the public to know, and attacks those who pry under his carefully polished facade.

Syndicates’ take

E.J. Dionne Jr.: President Donald Trump unleashes the neo-moderates. We may be approaching a time when the gutlessness of the GOP’s leadership moves these restive conservatives to abandon their traditional loyalties altogether.

Ross Douthat: There’s a striking contrast between Donald Trump’s strange Russian romance and the way that the Communists in John Frankenheimer’s movie “The Manchurian Candidate” went about their America-subverting scheme.

Thomas L. Friedman: We’re the new UAE: the United American Emirate. We have an emir. We have a consultative council that rubber-stamps whatever the emir wants. And like any good monarchy, our ruling family sees no conflict of interest between its personal businesses and those of the state.

Leonard Pitts Jr.: The very need of “thoughtful” conservatives, to use that modifier, is a tacit concession that something has gone wrong with conservatism.


“The new gas tax won’t hurt the rich or the upper middle class. It will only hurt the lower classes. Should we believe that our legislators are oblivious to all this, or could they believe they will be re-elected no matter what?” Ted Pickett, Placerville

Californians dismal take on Trump

A new Public Policy Institute of California poll shows President Donald Trump’s approval rating is an abysmally low 27 percent among California voters. Even worse for Trump and what’s left of the California Republican Party, 82 percent of Latinos who are likely voters disapprove of the president’s performance, as do 75 percent of likely voters ages 18-34. George W. Bush approval rating in California was 57 percent at this point in his presidency. Bush did not fall to a 27-percent approval until October 2007. At this rate, it will take a generation for Republicans in California to recover, if ever.