Trump’s failure on Charlottesville; we want to tell you about Austin Tice

Craig Forman: Monday marks the start of our colleague Austin Tice’s sixth year of captivity in Syria. We at McClatchy want to tell you about him and other journalists who have risked and sometimes given their lives to bring us stories that would not otherwise be told.

Jack Ohman takes a walk on the American River Parkway. Get your map here!

Our take


Trump’s weak statement failed the people of Charlottesville and the rest of us: This white racist riot is not a conservative vs. liberal question. It is a matter of what it means to be the children of fathers and grandfathers who stormed the beaches at Normandy.

More than murals, Wide Open Walls is a sign Sacramento has finally arrived: Murals can help put Sacramento on the cultural map after years of trying to ditch its reputation as a boring government town.

If Sacramento must take on ‘aggressive panhandling,’ then do it this way: Sacramento is weighing a crackdown on panhandlers. The details will determine whether it’ll help the city’s quality of life.

San Luis Obispo Tribune: If you work in retail – or know someone who does – here’s a scary statistic: Between 20 percent and 25 percent of U.S. malls will close in the next five years, according to predictions from financial analysts. It’s not just jobs that are at stake; sales tax revenue used to pave roads, hire police and light up City Hall is in jeopardy, too. (Thanks, Amazon).


Leonard Pitts Jr.: What happened Saturday in Virginia is the bitter and inevitable fruit of our habit of intellectual dishonesty where race is concerned.

Sasha Abramsky: What Trump’s response to the Charlottesville carnage says about his moral compass.

Dan Morain: Their son has a rare genetic disorder. But here’s why they don’t give up hope.

Dan Walters, CALMatters: Travis Allen, a Republican assemblyman from Orange County and self-anointed candidate for governor, dropped this Twitter bomb the other day: “11 counties in California have more total registered voters than citizens over the age of 18. How is this possible?” As a matter of fact, it isn’t possible.

Mike Dunbar, Modesto Bee: The largest circulation newspaper in western America decided to take Adam Gray to task last week. In a 715-word editorial, the L.A. Times denigrated Assembly Bill 313, which Gray authored. The Times used a baseball metaphor in attacking Gray, saying the “state needs an umpire,” to enforce laws against “illegal diversions” and protect the “rights of the public and others.” Amen. We just don’t think the umpire should be wearing the same uniform as the pitcher.


Ilene Jacobs: California’s housing program for migrant farmworkers provides safe and affordable shelter and is designed for migrants. Affordable housing is needed for all farmworkers.

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Their take

Charlottesville Daily Progress, Virginia: At this moment, we echo the words of a heroine of the Civil War era, Julia Ward Howe: “Disarm, disarm. The sword of murder is not the balance of justice. Blood does not wipe out dishonor, nor violence indicate possession.” This voice from the past must speak to us today.

LA Times: The violence in Charlottesville clearly was the product of the rise of racism as a political force in this country. And we can only hope that Charlottesville was the culmination of that rise and not, as David Duke seems to hope, the first flames of a wildfire.

Chicago Tribune: Donald Trump can't be blamed for the rioting in Virginia. But the haters and stooges of white nationalism see something in the president that gives them permission to act out. Trump is no oratory giant. He's a sloppy speaker whose nasty streak on the campaign trail acted as a dog whistle to the ugly right. Whether by design or carelessness, Trump avoided calling out the haters by name Saturday. That omission hurts.

Raleigh News & Observer: Everything Rep. David Price is proposing in the way of campaign finance reform is exactly right. But the veteran congressman doesn’t have a chance, and that’s a sad commentary on the state of things in Washington. The big-money special interests run the show, and fat-cat lobbyists are the ringmasters.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: As many students pack up and head off for college, some for the first time, it’s traditional for parents to offer a simple warning: “Students drink too much.” But according to a study published this week, it would be appropriate this year for students respond with an equally valid warning: “So do parents.

Orange County Register: Something the Trump and Obama administrations agree on: occupational licensing laws need to be reformed. While upwards of one-in-four American workers require a government license to earn a living, there are often vast discrepancies between states regarding which particular jobs require licensing.

San Jose Mercury News: The United States would be far from the first major country to privatize air traffic control, as the Trump administration proposes. But with daily evidence that the American airline industry cares little about people’s comfort, well-being or convenience – here in the U.S.A., for now at least, we’re going to say no. Don’t do it.

Kansas City Star: In Blue Springs and beyond, who should be held responsible for teen suicide?

Syndicates’ take

David Brooks: Sundar Pichai should resign as Google CEO. He could have stood up for the free flow of information. Instead he joined the mob and fired James Damore over his diversity memo.

Nicholas Kristof: Donald Trump would dismantle Theodore Roosevelt’s legacy by handing over the United States’ public lands for private exploitation in ways that will scar the land forever.

Ross Douthat: How North Korea and the Cuban missile crisis are similar and very different.

Maureen Dowd: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un mirror each other in so many unhinged ways.

Frank Bruni: Is he an oppressor or oppressed?

E.J. Dionne Jr.: The challenge to liberal democracy is far and away the most consequential question facing the world. If liberal democracy does not survive and thrive, every other problem we face becomes much more difficult.

Timothy Egan: A West Coast plea to an unstable president: We are the reason you lost the national popular vote by such a historic margin. Since you’ve been president, you’ve never set foot in our time zone. But now our very existence is in your hands.

Paul Krugman: The axis of climate evil includes the fossil fuel industry, which has an obvious financial stake in continuing to sell dirty energy. And a few public intellectuals adopt a pose of climate skepticism out of sheer ego.

Dana Milbank: Democrats could do well in 2018, but here come the Bernie Bros and sisters to the Republicans’ rescue: They’re sowing division in the Democratic Party and attempting to enact a purge of the ideologically impure.

Ruben Navarrette: Democrats and Republicans alike insist that the Golden State offers “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants by creating safe spaces that are somehow beyond the reach of federal immigration agents. This is a stew of lies and half-truths that is advanced because it helps sustain existing political narratives.


“The congressman does excel at naming post offices.”Stephen Farr, Folsom

And finally,

Miami Herald: Please, Derek–make us love the Miami Marlins again. It’s a new day for the Miami Marlins. The team and stadium are getting new owners, pending approval of Major League Baseball. This is an opportunity for South Florida fans to forgive and embrace — and fill that beautiful stadium.