Letters: Call Las Vegas shooting what it is: a terrorist attack

Re “Dozens slain in ‘act of pure evil’ (Page 1A, Oct. 3) and “Judge rules FBI does have to say how it got shooter’s iPhone unlocked” (Page 3A, Oct. 3) Muslim Americans are grief stricken and mourning the loss of those who died in the Las Vegas shooting and are praying for recovery of injured, as we do after every shooting or killing of innocent people. This brutal terror attack proves that evil comes in all shapes and forms. On Page 1A, The Sacramento Bee depicted the Las Vegas shooting as mass shooting. However, on Page 3A, The Bee called the 2015 San Bernardino shooting a “terror attack.” There you have it. It is mass shooting if the killer is white Christian and a terror attack if the perpetrator is Muslim.

Tahir Mansoor, Elk Grove