Letters: Donald Trump is a vindictive president

Re “Trump to issue stop-payment order on health care subsidies” (sacbee.com, Oct. 13): President Donald Trump must wake up every morning wondering how he can undermine his predecessor, and it usually ends in meanness. Today, terminating aid to the most vulnerable in our population needing health care under the Affordable Care Act. Earlier this week, ended the Clean Power Plan, Obama's plan to combat climate change and provide healthy air. The end of DACA, ordering the end of gun ownership for mentally ill people, the list goes on. Our thin-skinned president can’t get past jokes at his expense that he earned through his ridiculous Birther movement. The result: pain and suffering for our most vulnerable. I would say his vindictiveness was childish, but I do not know any children who possess this level of meanness.

Gary Jakobs, Sacramento