Letters: Will Tom McClintock keep his word?

Re “Trump’s latest attempt to gut Obamacare takes direct aim at 650,000 of our neighbors” (Editorials, sacbee.com, Oct. 13): Donald Trump has violated a few issues important to Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Elk Grove. First, eliminating the cost sharing reductions will, according to the Congressional Budget Office, add $198 billion to the federal deficit. Second, Trump usurped Congress's authority over the issue of healthcare. Third, this action leaves 17,000 of his constituents in the lurch as far as healthcare. One wonders if McClintock will take to the House floor to voice his displeasure and dissent now that a member of his Republican party controls the White House. Further still, what might he say if any of the 17,000 show up for his next town hall in O'Neals on Oct. 19 to voice displeasure of with McClintock, if he agrees with Trump’s actions?

Keith Carmona, Roseville