Letters: California was right to recognize third gender

Re “California legally recognizes third gender option” (sacbee.com, Oct. 16): Thank you, California, for finally joining the majority of cultures throughout history and acknowledging that gender is a magnificent, fascinating, multifaceted part of who we are. We have just taken a giant step toward a freer, wiser, less judgmental, more compassionate culture. As for Randy Thomasson and his “Save California” binary thought cronies ignoring the third dimension, they are like a man who claims that humans come only in a blue-eyed variety and a brown- eyed variety, and then looks askance at anyone with hazel or yellow eyes and denies the existence of green-eyed people altogether. And violet-eyed Elizabeth Taylor was obviously of the devil. He is free to believe that, but he cannot claim it has anything to do with science or rational thought, or even good versus evil.

Michael R. Gorman, Sacramento