Letters: Jack Ohman's reprehensible Donald Trump-Myeshia Johnson cartoon

Re “Enough about you” (Jack Ohman, Oct. 25): Jack Ohman has gone far lower than I could have imagined with the Donald Trump-Myeshia Johnson cartoon. I saw two other widows from this same group come forward to say the president was very sensitive and kind and one of them said he even spoke with her children. The woman you use in your cartoon took the call in the car with Rep. Frederica S. Wilson, D-Fla, hates Trump. Mrs. Johnson said she said nothing to him but just cried when he spoke. So here the president is doing the best he can trying to talk to nothing but a crying voice with no feed back at all. Other wives carried on a conversation with him and thanked him for calling. You have used the hatred of Rep. Wilson toward the president and her twisting of his meaning to demean the highest office in the land. I know the difference between a political cartoon and going too far.

Kay Walsh, Sacramento