Letters: Money can’t always solve homelessness

Re “The buck doesn’t stop with bureaucrats. Here’s who is to blame for homelessness in Sacramento” (Editorials, Oct. 24): In 2005, my wife and I moved to midtown Sacramento beginning a zealous period of providing private transitional room and board for people having a hard time, and needing a place to live while getting their lives in order. For the next couple years, several people, best described as homeless or bordering on homelessness, lived with us. We charged no rent but expected them to get their lives in order and become productive members of society, capable of living on their own. Despite our encouragement and help, few rose to the occasion. We learned that many like the freedom homelessness offers, but will accept assistance from others provided the rules accompanying it aren’t too demanding. Sacramento must be mindful of this and wise before throwing big money at its homeless problem because some problems can’t be solved with money.

Edward Joseph Pierini, Jr., Sacramento