Letters: Women must stand up against harassment. #MeToo

Re “After #MeToo, then what? We can’t hashtag our way out of sexual harassment” (Shawn Hubler, Oct. 22): I agree with the idea that many men and women with privilege abuse power by using sexual harassment. People who are more in control use negative actions against people who are under them in any position. Women don’t need or want pity when they have been sexually harassed. They need more support and anchorage if they want to get their point across. We need to consider the fact that women don’t get taken seriously. It is essential for women to speak up for themselves to improve the work environment. I agree that attitudes and numbers need to change so the younger generation won’t be afraid to speak up for themselves. It will be better for woman in the future because we won’t hide behind the man. Get your word out, help others in need. Many of us are hiding, so please stand up.

Alyssa Hay, Plumas Lake